As one of Jamaica’s Largest suppliers of LPG we have been taking care of the cooking, power, heating and lighting needs of Jamaican homes and businesses since 1970.

For your home

Cylinders for domestic use are available in 11kg (25lbs), 14kg (30lbs) and 45kg (100lbs) in traditional steel or technologically advanced composite material (14 and 11 kg). all our cylinders are manufactured to international standards and meet or exceed local requirements.

Each cylinder goes through a 16 point inspection process before filling, all filled cylinders are then checked for correct weight and our final quality test ensures that there are no leaks before our red warranty seal is affixed ensuring quality and safety from our home to yours.

120gal Tank

For your business

Our commercial customers benefit from partnering with the largest, safest and most experienced LPG supplier in Jamaica and in the English-speaking Caribbean. Our customers also benefit from peace of mind as we operate the only privately owned LPG Terminal Facility in Jamaica. We have you covered from tourism to manufacturing, transportation to power generation, restaurant to agricultural needs we have a solution for you. We supply, design and install LPG systems for our customers with tanks ranging from 120 US gallons to 30,000 US gallons, above ground or underground always a solution with you in mind.

We supply commercial propane for all your commercial needs, have sensitive equipment that that require HD5 propane? Do not worry we supply that too. Our professional and courteous team keeps you safe with our 30 point predelivery inspection, safety always with you in mind.