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in the LPG Industry in Jamaica

in the LPG Industry in Jamaica

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Here’s how we ensure safety first all the time:

Each cylinder goes through a 16 point inspection process before filling, all filled cylinders are then checked for correct weight and our final quality test ensures that there are no leaks before our red warranty seal is affixed ensuring quality and safety from our home to yours.

Here's how you can ensure safety too:

LPG, like any other fuel, is flammable. It is liquid inside the container, but immediately transforms to gas when released. Its very important to understand how to use LPG safely in both your home and business. All certified GasPro Cylinders are sealed with our red seal for quality, so that you can know that it is safe for use.

We've listed some quick tips below about safety, cooking, maintenance and what to look for when buying LPG cylinders.

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Safety Tips

Do You Have a Leak?

  • LPG has a distinct smell due to the fact that it is odorized with ethyl mercapton which is used to detect leaks.
  • If you detect the presence of LPG, don’t strike a match or use an open flame to test for leaks.
  • Brush on a soap solution and look for bubbles in checking for leaks at joints and along the tubing from the tank.
  • Ventilate the house or building thoroughly if leak occurs.
  • LPG is heavier than air and naturally seeks a lower level when released to the atmosphere.
  • Don’t allow weeds and grass to grow or trash to collect around the storage tanks.

LPG Maintenance

  • Always keep the LPG valve / regulator switched off when your gas stove / oven is not in use, especially at night and when going on a holiday.

  • Always store the LPG cylinder in an upright position and away from other combustible and flammable materials. Always ventilate your LPG cylinder storage area.

  • Never tamper with your LPG cylinder.

  • Make sure all parts of the installation are in good condition. If you should find anything wrong with any part, contact your distributor immediately and ask for assistance.

  • Ensure that your LPG Cylinder regulator is changed every five (5) years. 

When buying your LPG:

  • Always buy LPG cylinders from our authorised GasPro distributors only.

  • When the LPG cylinder is delivered to your home, please check to ensure that the cylinder bears our genuine GasPro (Red) seal. The genuine GasPro seal should be present and intact. Do not accept the cylinder if the seal is broken.

When cooking with LPG:

  • Keep windows open to ventilate your kitchen.

  • Do not place flammable or plastic items near the flame.

  • Turn pan handles away from the flame.

  • Never leave your cooking unattended. The sauce or liquid in your cooking vessel could overflow and extinguish the burners, causing gas to leak.